I say hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America. I was born and I live in this beautiful City. I´m an arts teacher. My first love was painting and I study in Buenos Aires at the "School of Beaux Arts". I love all arts expressions. A time ago I discovered in the photography an expressive language for my creations, and also the use of the PC and the technology in the creation of images. The works published in Flickr and this group are interventions on works of my favorite authors, to who I incorporated photos to them. The intervention had like objective the integration in the image, from the color, the form and also to obtain a new meaning. I must thank for the so amiable reception of the same ones to all those that comments or views, to York (Art recipes) for his invitation, commentary and stimulus and also to brtsergio, friend artist, who allowed the use of his photos for this aim.

(excuse, it is an automatic translation!)

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