I'm a 41 yr old (eek, how'd that happen?) artist who now lives in baltimore (eek, how'd that happen?) after living in NYC for ~7 years. I make sock creatures while working at the american visionary art museum which is also where I learned how, on "sock monkey saturday" on 12/17/05. I'm also a playwrite, sound designer, poet, performance artist and am making a kinetic sculpture with some of my friends for the 2006 baltimore kinetic sculpture race
check out for more info about the sculpture for more info about the race
and for more info about the art group that i'm working with
more: The artist Gavin Heck is obsessed with Topsy and her fate; this summer, thanks largely to his activism, the Coney Island Museum installed a Topsy memorial
The Kabuki-style “Coming Up, Going Down” by Gavin Heck
is the most imaginative ...

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