I am an artist ( and a blooger (

I was born in 1959 in southern New Hampshire. In my sophomore year of high school I began attending Berwick Academy in South Berwick Maine. There I had the opportunity to study art under the illustrator Charles Andres. Next came the study of Design for Theatre at Northeastern University under Richard E. Schreiber. After college I continued to be involved with design and to explore painting while working various full time jobs, eventually settling in to a career in sales. After fifteen years of this I have struck off on my own (or been cast off by my last employer, depending on your viewpoint) into a fulltime life of painting. Following current events, reading history, researching on the internet and talking with friends and acquaintances helps me pursue my ideas about spirituality, symbolism and modern culture. I live near Boston with my family and share studio space with my cat.

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