Art Recipes is an art project where you can provide insight into the process of your artwork (e.g. illustration, painting, craft, engraving, sculpture, ceramics, music, etc.).


Artist List

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Art Recipes: The Project for Visualized Process

- Some examples

- For Art Recipes fanatics

  • Create a wiki account for Wikicities or log in.
  • Visit to create unique identifiers, thinglinks, for your recipes. Fill in the basic information of your work, and click Save. Then copy the thinglink code and paste it in the tag field of all photos in the photoset of your artwork.
  • Go to the Artist List, and add your name in the right place to provide a link to your personal page.
  • Introduce yourself in your personal page.
  • In your personal page, add a link to the photoset showing the process of your artistic production.

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